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About Us
About Us
Hubei Wusan Farm Green Puwang Food Co., Ltd. was established on November 10, 2017. It is a modern enterprise engaged in the research and processing of vegetable and fruit products. The company mainly focuses on "deep processing of agricultural products", processing VF fruit and vegetable products, clear water lotus root slices, salted lotus root slices, soaked lotus root strips, lotus le...
  • 3000Acres
    Planting Area
  • 69Acres
    Factory Area
  • 9500Tons
    Output Of Frozen Fruit And Vegetable
  • 1000Tons
    Output Of Chips
Sale Manager:QueenaSale Manager:Queena
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Address:South Of Yijialing Outer Ring Road And East Road Of Industrial Park, Qujialing Management District, Jingmen City, China.

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