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Hubei Wusan Farm Green Puwang Food Co., Ltd. was established on November 10, 2017. It is a modern enterprise engaged in the research and processing of vegetable and fruit products. The company mainly focuses on "deep processing of agricultural products", processing VF fruit and vegetable products, clear water lotus root slices, salted lotus root slices, soaked lotus root strips, lotus leaf tea and other series of products. Annual processing of 9500 tons of frozen fruits and vegetables, and 1000 tons of fruit and vegetable crisps. Relying on the advantages of Hubei lotus root raw materials, Wusan Farm's Green Puwang lotus root crispy slices rank among the top in terms of process maturity and price advantage, and are highly praised and favored by crispy fruit and vegetable manufacturers nationwide.

The company has established a complete product quality management system and has successively passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, safety production standardization certification, and HACCP certification. Wusan Farm Green Puwang adheres to the development concept of "green industry, benefiting the public, and thriving agriculture", and is engaged in the breeding of agricultural varieties; A modern enterprise engaged in the research and development and processing of vegetable and fruit products. The company integrates planting, production, and trade, with its own raw material planting base and cooperative planting base, from fields to factories, ensuring the reliability and safety of processed raw materials. Quality control throughout the entire process from planting, production, processing to finished products.

The company's agricultural base covers an area of over 3000 acres (Jingmen Lvpuwang High tech Agriculture Co., Ltd.), located in the core area of the agricultural valley in China. It is located in the former state-owned 53rd Farm of Qujialing, Jingmen, with rich terrain, original soil and water ecology, and no industrial pollution. The surrounding environment is clear and picturesque, with sweet and fragrant fruits and grains, making it very suitable for organic cultivation. Throughout the year, it can supply 560 tons of Elaine series lotus root varieties and 4085 tons of fresh lotus roots, without applying chemical fertilizers, The lotus roots and lotus root strips grown without pesticides have passed organic product certification. At the 13th China Wuhan Agricultural Expo in November 2016, Qingshui Lotus Root won the "Gold Award Agricultural Product" certificate. In January 2017, it was awarded the title of "Hubei Famous Brand Product" for organic lotus roots. The Huazhong Aquatic Vegetable Breeding Center, jointly established by Jingmen Lvpuwang High tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. and Hubei Provincial Aquatic Vegetable Research Institute, was approved by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology as a research and development center jointly built by schools and enterprises in 2017. With the technical support of Huazhong Agricultural University, the patented technology of "a large-sized loach seedling cultivation pool and cultivation method" was used to carry out the breeding of loach varieties under the technical guidance of Professor Gao Jian's expert team. The production technology regulation of "lotus root loach co cultivation" has been approved as a local standard in Hubei. The Provincial Department of Agriculture has awarded Jingmen Lvpuwang High tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. as a "provincial-level key leading enterprise in the agricultural industry"; Huazhong Aquatic Vegetable Breeding Center; Standard Garden for Lotus Root Horticultural Crops; Rated by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology as a "provincial-level research and development center jointly built by schools and enterprises"; In 2019, it was awarded the "exemplary organization" for 2017-2018 quality work by Jingmen Quality Association; In April of the same year, it was awarded the title of "Quality Credit AAA Class Enterprise"; Received the honor of "Advanced Collective" again in February 2020. On September 22, 2018, China Central Television (CCTV) celebrated the first Farmers' Harvest Festival and conducted a live broadcast of the efficient ecological planting and breeding model of "lotus root loach co cultivation" at the Green Puwang Base of the Sudun Team.

Hubei Wusan Farm Green Puwang Food Co., Ltd. covers an area of 69 acres, with modern and professional workshops, 6S management, dust-free and sterile standards. The equipment is fully equipped, and advanced production equipment and technology from home and abroad are introduced. We have completed 8 production lines for cleaning, blanching, pre cooling, sterilization, air drying, dehydration, and packaging, equipped with facilities such as a 1000 ton low-temperature warehouse and a 500 ton reinforced concrete cellar. In April 2019, it was awarded the title of "Quality Credit AAA Class Enterprise". Wusan Farm selects high-quality fruit and vegetable raw materials and uses VF low-temperature dehydration technology to meticulously produce non puffed and ready to eat fruit and vegetable crisps. The process undergoes three rounds of manual screening and elimination of secondary and crushed fruits and vegetables. The shape is complete, the color is natural, the taste is crispy, and the taste is delicious. Not only does it retain the original color, form, and most of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, but it also avoids the harmful substances produced by high-temperature frying, leaving a lingering fragrance on the lips and teeth after chewing. Fruits and vegetables from Wusan Farm are crispy and easy to eat, light and portable, suitable for a wide range of people, and have a variety of eating methods. With the improvement of quality of life, people have a higher pursuit of leisure food. Healthy and nutritious crispy fruits and vegetables are rapidly replacing traditional leisure food produced by processes such as "high-temperature frying, marinating, and pickling".

The fruit and vegetable crisps of Wusan Farm are packed in various ways. At present, the types of fruit and vegetable crisps include jackfruit crisps, yellow peach crisps, banana crisps, strawberry crisps (freeze-dried), figs (freeze-dried), kiwi fruit, apple, red dates, lotus root slices, mushrooms, green beans, sweet peas, okra, sweet potato chips, red radishes, green radishes, carrots, pumpkins, potatoes, taro chips, purple chips, etc. The fruit and vegetable crisps produced by Green Puwang on May 3rd Farm have been awarded the title of "Jingchu Excellent Product"; Wusan Farm brand Huangtao Crisp won the "Gold Award Agricultural Product" at the 16th China Wuhan Agricultural Expo. The production and processing of crispy fruits and vegetables are supplied to major brand supermarkets and snack shops, with online and export trade, OEM/ODM processing. Wusan Farm Green Puwang always adheres to quality first, regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, continuously improves product quality level with advanced technology and scientific management, firmly establishes the quality awareness of all employees, and keeps every link and process in the food production process under control, ensuring product quality while persistently promoting technological progress and product innovation. Providing high-quality products has always been the tireless pursuit of Wusan Farm Green Puwangzi. There has never been "the best" but only "the better", insisting on protecting the safety of every bite of consumers. We will continue to work hard and strive for this!

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Address:South Of Yijialing Outer Ring Road And East Road Of Industrial Park, Qujialing Management District, Jingmen City, China.

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